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Waiting for wind

2022 Bijou Shahmirian Drone Picture


With 13 years nice clean Grubbies. Geckos are fine, landed some Spocks and started to get into ducking the sail for Switch Konos and Burners. This year I have made my best progress so far thanks to the Windsurfing Queen Sarah Quita, Oda, Maaike and Andraz. It was so nice and special to sail together with World Champions! Next moves on my list are Flaka, zero control Skopus, whatever, as long as I am jumping higher than my father.

Bijou Shahmirians Hang Loose

Switch Stance Blasting

Bijou Shahmirian Reverse Duck Jibe


Freestyle Windsurfing with 12 years - Vulcan, Switch Stance, Reverse Duck Jibe, Spock/Gecko attempts

Bijou Shahmirians Vision

Switch Stance Blasting

Bijou Shahmirian Switch Stands Gliding


Bonaire: Here I have learned my Upwind 360s in footstraps and started looking into my next move "The Flaka". Also met Windsurf heros like Lennart Neubauer and Preki. In Summer I met Oda Johanne and started to practise Vulcans.

2017 - 2018

Duck Jibe, Jumping, Helitacks and Upwind 360. I started to practise Freestyle moves. I always dream big and want to learn the Flaka. At this stage I started with Upwind 360s in footstraps, which works fine and hope to jump the Flaka soon :-).

2016 - 2017

Continued by fully blasting in footstraps and waterstarting with 8 years, I was dreaming to sail alone in deep water. I finally managed to sail in Devils Bay in 2017 with safe waterstarts in both directions.

2013 - 2015

My next steps were Beach Start and using the harness. That was fun, now I could spend more time on the water.


It took a while before I had enough power to hold a sail.
With 5 years I started Windsurfing. I loved it, but
my parents were worried. I really did well. It only took
a couple of minutes and I enjoyed these nice downwind
runs. Just getting back was not so much fun. As I
started to practise Duck Jibing my parents did not
want to teach me anymore. Katy Hammond,
the best instructor ever, took over and taught me
how to tack, stay upwind and sail independently
without the need to swim back anymore.

Bijou Sahmirian Windsurfint Logo

Early Days

I was born in St.Kilda in Melbourne Australia.
It was easter 2008 as I got in touch with
the first sail (Neil Pryde Expression 5,7) with 6 months.
To be honest, I can't remember that day in Inverloch, where my parents were Windsurfing and put me on a sail the first time to feel the nice Kevlar reinforced monofilm. I just know, it was relaxed lying on a 5,7 square meters sail (plenty of space) and that it is beautiful there ...

Bijou Shahmirian the start of Windsurfing with 6 Month